What are Dynamic Websites?

A dynamic Website is a collection of pages that are generated on demand by an Application Server and delivered through a a Webserver over HTTP.
The Application Server in our case is a Content Management System. There is a plethora of options when it comes to CMS. And an argument an be made in favor of each of these over the others.
In truth, they have all matured over the years and offer such similar level of functionality they can be effectively treated as a commodity.
Our preference for Wordpress is simply based on the fact that it is the most widely adopted, it is open source and we want to focus our expertise in only one of these to be able to stay on the leading edge of its development. static website flow
Advantages of a dynamic website:

  • Templates abound
  • Cheap and easy to develop
  • Extensive functionality out of the box

And disadvantages:

  • Design opportunities constrained by the template chosen
  • Not as easy to port from one hosting service to another
  • Higher exposure to attacks

What does this mean to you?

A CMS based website is a great choice if you plan to eventually take control of your website.
Any functionality you can think of has been encapsulated in the form of a 'plugin'. These are inexpensive, and after purchasing, installing it and configuring it, you may be up and running in only a few hours.